PriceFrom €99.00

A basket to take to the market, trips or walks for a coffee break with your best friend. Classic and timeless, this basket is woven with organic reeds picked up by the same hands that made it for you.

  • · High Handmade Quality;

    · Colors: natural;

    · Wicker handle;

    · Magnetic closure;

    · Detachable shoulder strap - optional, if you choose ''NO'' in the ''SHOULDER STRAP'' field, the strap and the side hardware for it will not be included.

    · Vegetable tanning leather in natural color - with time and sun exposure, the leather will be tanned;

    · Handmade in Portugal by ourselves, artisans; Such uniqueness provides slight differences in color or sizes from piece to piece, making your basket even more unique.

A good Artisan is that one who reaps what Nature gives him and turns him into something better.


Your basket has between 6 to 14H of work of an art on the verge of extinction. Work from our hands, up to you, where each piece provides a reason for the existence of the next generation of artisans.