Begins With Our Family

Saudade Baskets was born from Victoria Handmade and yes, it is the same quality, the same story, the same know-how and the same hands of the artisan to yours. But the distinction that made Saudade Baskets exist was only one: the preservation of the Authenticity of the Portuguese Basket, pure and hard, in a fair, ethical and sustainable market.

Saudade Baskets is a brand managed by Victoria Handmade, which brings to the public what Victoria does not achieve in its entirety: tradition.

Victoria Handmade revolutionized Portuguese basketry weaving in the middle of 2014, but with it there was still a desire to return to the 20th century, that time when with my 5 years old, I would climb a brick to reach the comb on the loom and weave the my first baskets, with the traditional patterns that live in my memory. And that is why Saudade Baskets was born: because yes, Victoria Handmade is my future, but Saudade Baskets is my childhood, which I want to remember and preserve as long as I can.

Saudade Baskets in homage to the Portuguese Tradition:

- Esperança Vitória, Artisan & Founder

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