Common Questions

What payment methods are available?

Payment can be made through the Credit Cards and PayPal.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs to Portugal are free.
For Europe and Rest of the World are 15 €.

Where do you ship the Saudade Baskets?

The Saudade Baskets are sent to Mainland Portugal and Islands, all countries in Europe and the rest of the world. If you want to confirm that we are sending to your destination, contact us via

Which carrier is responsible for delivering my order?

The shipment of your piece is done from the carrier CTT Portugal, always by registered mail, which has a wide range of partners that ensures delivery worldwide. Your order will be  delivered by hand by the closest carrier at your home.

Do I have any way to track the status of the shipment?

Yes, you will be able to follow the journey of your Saudade Basket through a code that will be provided to you shortly after the dispatch of your order.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

If the pieces are not available for immediate delivery, you will wait for the production time, which is between 3 to 10 working days - which may be less - plus the delivery time of the shipment.
If the basket in question you ordered is in stock, we will ship it the next business day, and the time to arrive to your hands after shipped depends on the country and region, being to Portugal within 1 business day, usually, and to the rest of the world can range from 3-5 / 5-10 / or up to 30 business days in cases of more closed and distant regions.
If you want that your pieces to be sent as soon as possible due to a compromise please contact +351 918803514 or email us to and we will try to meet your expectations.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. If your order has not yet been shipped, you can always cancel it, and the payment already made will be returned. However, on special orders due to customization's specially produced for the customer in question, this order leaving for production cannot be canceled as the customer has committed to it.

Do you have a physical store open to the public?

You can directly visit the Victoria Handmade Atelier & Showroom in Porto De Mós (central region of Leiria) where the Saudade Baskets are made and also marketed. Type in google maps:

Rua Eng. Monteiro Conceição nº84
2480-403, Corredoura - Porto De Mós
Leiria, Portugal

Qual é a durabilidade / resistência de uma Cesta Saudade?

As nossas cestas têm as mesmas limitações, resistências e durabilidade das malas de pele, cortiça ou outro material habitualmente utilizado.​

What is the durability / strength of a Saudade Basket?

The weight depends on the piece you choose, however we guarantee that all Saudade Baskets are light. The reed - raw material - being a plant, its weight is light. All Saudade Baskets weigh less than 1kg, except the size XXL.

How much weight can a Saudade Basket take?

Our baskets withstand a lot of weight - probably more weight than we can handle carrying ourselves. Since the Traditional Portuguese Basket was a piece formerly to be brought to the market in order to transport groceries, and since the material and procedures that Saudade Baskets performs remain the same, a basket of ours can handle all the weight that a person can carry daily - and even more.